Five Nights at Invader Zim's is a game made by Wiki Admin Gerardluis23.

Details Edit

The game is based of Invader Zim and there are 3 types of gameplay:


When Zim,Almighty Tallest Purple or Gir appears at your office. You must turn around and wait for them to leave.Raising up your camera or neglecting to avoid them will result them pulling your organs out.


When Destroyed,Membrane or Dib enters you must quickly wear a GIR mask.Failing to do so will result a game over.

Wasted Edit

There is a cool down button on the "Machinery".An alien is kept captive their and will escape if not cooled down.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, their names are supposed to be traits like Merciful,Hopeless ETC.
  • They were originally ghosts.
  • There were many scrapped characters.