It's Cold Out Tonight (AKA) ICOT, is a Game made by Swordyswords189.

Details Edit

The Game is Been cancelled and is Very Short Game to Download and the Detail is the Blue is the one who Stop Them Moving you for use the water and the Red one is clear the Animatronics Out by using laser for eternity, the Cams to Review the Animatronics to Discovered Over you, The Room Will Crash Before the Animatronics come near you at the Night.

Characters Edit

This Game is Be all 10 Characters Will Know in the Game.

  • Blizzard - Blizzard is the Main Animatronic in the Stage Show.
  • Wireframe - Wireframe is the old Animatronic. his origins in Freddy SFG.
  • Pistachio - Pistachio is other Animatronic in the Stage Show. his origins in The Pointless Game.
  • Swimmen - Swimmen is the water Animatronic in the Stage show, (the same thing about her jumbscare was only a joke but it confirmed to be wished in the game). her origins in Swimmen on the Seas.
  • Pinky - Pinky is the Pink Animatronic in the Stage Show.
  • Night Guard - This Night Guard is the Main Character in It's Cold Out Tonight.
  • Little Boy - This Kid is the Son of the Night Guard, it was deleted before the game was been updated.
  • Phone Guy - The Phone Guy is the Unknown character in It's Cold Out Tonight. he will talk to the player at Night 6.
  • The Puppet - The Puppet is the Animatronic from Five nights at Freddy's 2 and Seen in the Beginning of the game.
  • Unknown Blizzard - This Animatronic is the Easter egg character. just like the same as Blizzard, but shadow version.

Notes Edit

  • Pistachio the Rabbit originated from a game that I Never released called "The Pointless Game".
  • Swimmen originated from a Game on Gamejoit called "Swimmen on the Seas" (l sadly cancelled the game :(.
  • How did I come up with This Well one day I was humming the Frosty the snowman theme.
  • Then I felt Like Making a FNAF Fan Game! So I kinda Combined those 2 ideas into one Game.
  • Wireframe is Actually from the original Freddy SFG He was called the separationist.

Trivia Edit

  • Swimmen is the Fan of Five nights in Anime and She will Jumpscare you without the Anmatronics.
  • The Game Details is Worst or Not and its a Very Short Game.